LiveType Tip of the Day

This tip is for the small niche of our readers you use Apple's LiveType, a little program that ships with Final Cut that basically does all sorts of flying text effects. If your a Final Cut user and haven't tried LiveType you should, there are tons of presets in there that could save you tons of time if they match up with what your trying to do. But today's real tip is a neat little one. For those who have AfterEffects on the brain LiveType is pretty much like trying to drive a car using nothing but hand controls. The thing AfterEffects user will be in the habit of doing is exporting all your projects as .mov files before you bring them in to Final Cut. Sure, with LiveType you can export your files as .mov but the beauty is that you don't need to! You can actually just drop the native LiveType file (.ipr) right into your Final Cut timeline! Then if you were to go back and make changes in LiveType once you save the file it will be updated in Final Cut!


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