Antibacterial Tip of the Day

You know how it're in a bathroom stall, you hear someone else flush, leave their stall, and head straight out the door without washing their hands (ugh!). Here's a good way to avoid scary bacteria when you're using the office bathroom. The technique is easily picked up as a habit. When you wash your hands, leave the water running after you've sudsed up and rinsed, and grab the paper towel from the gizmo on the wall. After you dry your hands, use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open the door. Then hold the door with your foot, throw the towel in the trash, and head back to the safety of your work area without touching anything else in the communal area of the office.


Kris said…
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Kris said…
Just in case this is too much trouble (you're in a hurry, or you forget while getting into the habbit) as we all know how difficult it is to make a new habbit, make sure to have a bottle of that instant antibacterial sitting at your desk. Good idea to have if you're a teacher anyway...any idea how many germs are on that stupid hall pass?
Rachel C. Clay said…
Getting out of Work tip of the Day: Try your very best to touch everyone else's germs so that you can then wake up with a 101.5 degree temperature and have to call in sick (because your roommate says it is not a good idea to go to work with a fever and forces you to call in sick). Of course, I can't tell you that you will enjoy this avoidance of work since with it comes the uncomfort of being sick; if you don't remember how that feels just check out my blog at and read Tuesday's entry.
For those studious among us, I agree with Kris, carry around the instant antibacterial--you can even get it in lovely fragrances at your local Bath and Body these days.

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