Rancid Tip of the Day

Today's tip is brought to us by my dear, sweet Grammy who is visiting! Before she came, I tried hard to make sure that our house didn't look completely like the bachelor pad it is. This even included cleaning out the fridge. But, apparently something was lacking.

We opened the fridge, and out wafted the nastiest, foulest smell to ever be unleashed from a refrigerator. Grammy tried to shield her nose, but this smell reached her too. I sought her advice as to what could be causing this odiferous malady. She said the culprit undoubtedly was two-week-old hamburger patties (that's right, from our kick-A Superbowl party).

So, Grammy's tip ended up being this: Don't keep beef (or any other meat) in the fridge for more than one week. I felt Grammy might be just a bit over cautious, but I listened to her wisdom. When I tried removing the rapidly-decaying patties, I was alarmed that the bottom of the package had become wet with bacteria-encrusted nastiness. The cardboard had affixed itself to the fridge! Grammy was right--there was NO way that meat was edible.

We'll see if it helps the smell. But, thank you Grammy for this AMAZING tip!


Stephanie said…
Eww. Well, I've definitely been there. An important part of taking care of this tip is double-bagging the expired beef and going straight out to the trash bin (Or "Herbie" as it is so dubbed here in Lexington). You might not crave burgers for awhile, Jay. ;-)If I cannot get to whatever meat I've bought for the week, I will switch it to the freezer before the expiration date and it will be preserved for a rainy day/night.
Kris said…
Jay - your Grammy has probably been in this type of situation before, therefore, her wisdom should always be listened to. She knows more than you can possibly imagine! :)

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