Key Tip of the Day

For anyone who has heard my numerous key stories, I have another one that has prompted me to write a Tip O Da Day. In turn, I will follow my own advice. Making the switch from an apartment to a house lends itself to many adjustments, one of which is the ability to lock doors from the inside prior to leaving the house and simply pulling the door closed with no dead bolt option, as is the case in my new garage. After a long night of housework, which may have been a contributor to the night’s events, I start to collect my things and was very concerned that my coworker Rick had all his belongings. You can imagine me asking repeatedly, “Do you have all your stuff? Do you have your keys?” as I ran around trying to collect my own things. Well, I am sure you can see where this is going! I found myself in my garage with Rick, his stuff, and all of my stuff minus my keys--which ironically were the most important item. It sure didn’t take long for me to have my first house adventure! After unsuccessfully attempting the credit card trick to unlock the door, we headed to my apartment to break into it and retrieve the second set of car and house keys. As you will see, God had His hand in this situation. With the recent warm weather, I had opened my kitchen window to enjoy the unseasonable warmth and when winter weather returned I closed it, but never locked it, so the breaking and entering into the apartment simply entailed taking the screen off and voila--I was in! So, needless to say, the next task on my to do list was to get copies of my house key made and make sure they are in the hands of more responsible adults, considering my history with keys and continuing mishaps of this sort. So there you have it folks, copy those keys, stash them with friends, relatives, at the office, or anywhere outside of a potential lock-in area!


Rachel C. Clay said…
Thanks for the advice Jen! Hopefully I won't need it...but it is good to know what to do now. :)

Oh, by the way Peter, have you found your keys? :)
Pete said…
Speaking of that Rach. My follow up tip is to not actually leave your keys somewhere you don't know. Luckily I have backups of most of them but not all of them. I have been playing with my keys more often then before and that seems to keep them out of my pocket and who knows where I put them after that point.
Stephanie said…
Yay, Jen! Your inaugural tip. Piggybacking on this tip, another good thing to remember is when you are outside the house with other people (yardwork, washing the car, what have you), leave more than one door unlocked or have your keys in your pocket. This applies especially if you're outside with children or teenagers. Kids are notorious for trying to be helpful and then doing something inventive to get everyone in a pickle...say, shutting the garage door by pushing the button on the wall unit, and then leaping over the laser beam-sensor as it the door is closing. Unfortunately, when my boss' daughter did this, the only unlocked door to the interior of the house was inside the garage. We had just moved in (no dupes had been made yet) and Christy was out of town, but by a stroke of luck, Christy had left a key with a friend here in town. I got a good laugh out of this whole situation--the repeated apologies from the daughter were so funny. After all, she and her boyfriend had volunteered to wash my car for me, and were in the midst of it when she closed the door, so I couldn't be upset at all, could I!? :-P

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