Pranking Tip Of The Day

It's Monday. 9:22 am. You're already bored to the max, and it's only the first day of your work week. You need a solution. FAST. I got it for you.

Ingredients: Scotch Tape

Directions: Pick your target to prank. Usually an unsuspecting nincompoop works best. Sneak to their office when they're not around, and tape down their "ALT" key on their keyboard, so it's constantly depressed. Whenever they try to click or type, they will get really strange pop-ups and things. It will take them HOURS to figure out what is going on.

Now, word to the wise. Don't try this on your boss like I did. She happened to come in late and needed to do something IMMEDIATELY and called because "the internet wasn't working." At which point, I had to coyly remove the tape from her poor keyboard, but if my boss didn't understand my prankish ways, I could've lost my job over a piece of tape.


Stephanie said…
My boss would have had called, e-mailed, and called helpdesk again before alerting me. The situation would not have turned out so good! How tricky to decide who to try this on, because the people who will get a kick out of it and not alert the authorities are just the ones who would prank back with an equal or greater practical joke. I guess you have to perform a risk-benefit analysis before wielding the scotch tape.

I see that someone corrected the spelling of nicompoop. Was that you, Julie? ;-)
Jay said…
Actually, Steph, we had a "freelance" editor, if you will, correct the spelling of that oh-so-fun word. Dave Hoovler, a friend and colleague here at Asbury College, was the one to catch this error. I would tell you of his reasoning for why the OLD spelling didn't work, but it wouldn't keep our site's rating at PG!

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