Valentine's Tip Of The Day

OK. Valentine's Day is a PAGAN holiday. At least to those of us singles. It's wonderful when you DO have Valentine's plans to rub it in to your single friends, so here's a way to get back at those who DO have dates.

First, I know it's more than a little tacky, but mail yourself flowers at work. When you get them, open up the card, and just smile. Beam.

Next, get on the phone a couple times during your day (preferably when people are around) and pretend to have a kissy, sticky sweet conversation, and blush a lot.

Finally, if anyone asks if you have plans, just blush, and say, "maybe..." and don't mention any details. That way, it's not lying, and when peoples' imagination can fill in the blanks, it's a much more convincing and juicy story. That gets you through Valentine's Day. No promises for the day after--because guaranteed, people will ask you what you did.


JCo said…
So do you blush on command? That should be another tip.
Pete said…
Jay, did your coworkers buy it?
JCo said…
And I want to hear all about your day tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
The real trick is to send flowers to someone anonymously and watch them try to figure out who sent them. Be sure to put something juicy on the card. It’s even better if they are seeing someone that doesn’t like Valentine’s Day.
Kris said…
This is precisely why the big selling slogan for the sophomore class valentine's was "Buy one for your sweetheart, or buy one for yourself!"

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