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Friday, February 04, 2005

Housekeeping Tip of the Day

Is there an errant flying insect loose in your house? (Chances are, it's sluggish because any housefly with brain matter--no matter now infinitesimal that gray matter might be--should know not to venture out in January.) Anyway, is the incessant buzzing reminiscent of a Blackhawk hovering overhead? If you have a cat, chances are, it prefers a buzzing insect to 9-Lives any day of the week. Hold cat up to resting level of housefly and watch as she A) gobbles the insect up, or B) bats the insect into its sluggish motion again (note: this is not a good time for you to have your mouth open.). Later, she will "tree" the insect on the counter behind the soap dispenser and eventually dispose of it, leaving no mess.

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Blogger JCo said...

I wonder it my little beta could handle insect disposal? Or maybe I will have to look into a fly disposing cat! Anyone have this sort of luck with dogs?

04 February, 2005 07:43

Blogger Pete said...

I'm pretty sure your beta could help you handle your flies. He might not bat them out of the air, but he might prefer them to fish food. I remember when I was little, mom would pay us 5¢ for every fly we killed and fed to the fish. Those fish gobbled up the flies like they were a tasty treat.

04 February, 2005 08:57

Blogger Kris said...

Usually, my kitty notices such bugs before me, alerts me to them, then proceeds to dispose of them. After all, if master doesn't notice, then what's the point?

04 February, 2005 09:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Matt and this is Matt's first comment. Woohoo. Yeah, so, for those of us without cats, any thoughts on using an upside-down can of compressed air? Every time I try this approach the blast knocks the little bugger out of the way before the propellant has time to freeze him. Your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

04 February, 2005 11:29

Blogger Rnutt said...

Matt, you have to catch the bug in a cup first, then freeze him. Just ask Jay. He's done it before.

04 February, 2005 12:14

Blogger JCo said...

Matt, I am thinking it’s all about the angle – what if you shot the propellant at a normal angle to the surface the bug is sitting on and directly at the center of gravity of the bug then the little bugger would be compressed straight down (no sliding) and therefore become chilly with time? Let me know how this works!

04 February, 2005 12:44

Blogger Kat said...

Ok gotta say I love your tips as I just started reading last night but now I'm hooked! Your fan base has now reached Tampa, FL!

Yes some dogs will work as well as cats as my dogs tend to eat gnats and no-see-ums all the time. Grant it here in Florida none of the flies are sluggish, since its not ever really cold, so my dog hasn't caught one ever, but he tries really hard and you gotta give him an A for effort! At least snapping at the air keeps him entertained and has cut down on the expensive doggie toys!

04 February, 2005 15:25

Blogger Pete said...

Glad to hear your enjoying the site Kat. My comment on the flies was when I was living in Kissimmee, so it was a lot of work to earn those 5¢. I was so impressed with myself when I've killed flies without the use of a swatter. Cause up here where its cold we have some slow flies. They virtually kill themselves.

04 February, 2005 16:47


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