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Monday, June 27, 2005

Weapon Tip of the Day

If you ever encounter two feisty cats in a stand off, remember a broom is a great weapon to break up the excitement.

Compliments of Jen and Renee and their cat kennel.


Blogger Jay said...

OK, those links have obliterated ANY urge for me to buy a cat :-). Does anyone know where I can get a sugar glider? I want one REAL bad!

27 June, 2005 08:48

Blogger Stephanie said...

How does something clearly crunching on a grub inside the house classify as something you'd like more than a cat?

27 June, 2005 09:29

Blogger Pete said...

I especially enjoy the chicken and demon possessed pictures.

27 June, 2005 09:51

Blogger Amanda said...

Unrelated to the cat fights, I have a question. What is purevolume.com (where the free songs often come from)? I looked on the site and couldn't really figure it out. Is this legal?

27 June, 2005 10:15

Blogger Pete said...

PureVolume is a site where artists and their labels can post info and songs in order to help gain exposure. It is a legit operation. All of our "Good Free MP3s" are "Good Free Legal MP3s" whether their source is PureVolume or not.

27 June, 2005 10:32

Blogger Jay said...

But he (the sugar glider) is just so cute! I still want a cat, too though. And a dog. I want a veritable menagerie of a cornucopia of pets! Don't y'all think the glider is so cute???

27 June, 2005 11:19

Blogger Stephanie said...

"Viva La Glider!". You can buy "bonding pouches" for them there too, Jay. Whatever the heck a bonding pouch is!

27 June, 2005 16:08


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