Footwear Tip of the Day

I highly suggest if you have been out in the sun and have red legs, not to wear hoe boots in the days following when you are at risk of peeling. Your skin gets all kinds of itchy in the boots and you want nothing more than to take your boots off and scratch off the sun burned skin.


Kris said…
Hmmm, Jen, I can't really picture you in a pair of hoe boots! That could be very interesting.
JCo said…
So would you be surprised if I told you I have boots in multiple colors?
Jay said…
Peter, didn't you borrow Jen's hoe boots at one point?
Jay said…
"Jen and the Amazing Technicolor Hoe Boots"
Pete said…
Em, [cough] no I, ehhem, didn't [cough] Jason.

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