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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fashion Tip of the Day

Ladies, does your shirt or blouse sometimes gap inbetween buttons? You know how it is, after it undergoes washing, drying, and ironing, your shirt looks shipshape from the front, but if you sit down or reach to get a pen, suddenly you're Victoria-not-so-secret, whether you realize it or not. (Egads! So that's what Ernest in accounting was staring at in that meeting last week!) Instant modesty check: Install a strip of Velcro in these gappy areas and it keeps your blouse closed nicely. You might need to find someone who's handy with a needle and thread for this.

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Blogger JCo said...

Great tip Steph - I believe I read this in a magazine at your house! :-)

15 February, 2005 07:22

Blogger Stephanie said...

Jen--You are correct, I did get the idea from a magazine! I believe it was from Real Simple. ;-) I also learned interesting things like, yes, butter is safe out on the counter for a few weeks (although I am still sticking with the fridge), a potato thrown in soup doesn't actually help it if it is too salty, and well, rum cakes? The alcohol never all "cooks off" in this type of dessert. :-) Ok, so that was three tips in one. Guess I should've saved them for the queue. ;-)

15 February, 2005 08:11

Blogger Stephanie said...

When the soup is too salty, not the potato.

15 February, 2005 08:13

Blogger Pete said...

Is there something like this that can help Jay's fly stay shut?

15 February, 2005 09:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, Peter!


15 February, 2005 09:23

Blogger Kris said...

I'm sure there is something for that, Peter, we just don't carry it with us on trips to the Gorge.

15 February, 2005 12:21

Blogger JCo said...

Where is MacGyver when you need him?

15 February, 2005 12:57

Blogger Rnutt said...

Love the tip Steph! That can be such a problem. I think you can get stick velcro too. I don't know if it stays on as well...but if you can't find a needle and thread it is worth a shot!
In regards to Jay--there needs to be an agreed upon signal that Jay KNOWS about--that way when the signal is given he can react silently and discretely instead of looking at you like you are crazy and causing everyone else to notice and all attempts at being discrete to be in vain.

15 February, 2005 14:15

Blogger Stephanie said...

Stick-on velcro works great until you put it in the wash. I had a piece of velcro stuck to the washing machine for about a month before I finally took the time to peel it off. :-P

Jay and I once discussed the agreed-upon signal. It was a toss-up between a surreptitious eye twitch and saying, "Whoah, Nellie!"

15 February, 2005 15:15

Blogger Jules said...

You guys have me laughing out loud. :)

15 February, 2005 17:42

Blogger Pete said...

Here's a little follow up tip for ya: When you get those big ol holes in the back of your blue jeans, just grab some duct tape and slap it on there. Unlike sticky velcro, duct tape will stay on through several washes!

(Steph, I think you won for the most comments ever on one post!)

15 February, 2005 22:13

Blogger JCo said...

The duck tape will also draw double takes - especially if the tape is a different shade then the pants!

16 February, 2005 08:40


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