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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Conception Tip of the Day

Oft times it's quite helpful to know the date of your conception. I highly suggest you figger it out! It's pretty simple, just take your birthday, and add like 3 months to it. Then, ask Mom and Dad if you were early or late and subtract or add time on accordingly. You may ask, "why would I ever want to know such a thing?" but I'd say that it's just nice to know when you were made. For example, I was crafted on Valentine's Day. So, I know that I was made with love :-) Some of you may have been made in the summer, or on the 4th of July. It's just interesting information.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Great links. ;-) I think I'm a Thanksgiving baby.

29 May, 2005 21:25

Blogger Kris said...

I think I was an April Fool's baby! Or, a few days earlier, and I was a celebration of my mom's birthday...hmmm, I wonder if they even know.

30 May, 2005 00:18

Blogger Pete said...

"why would I ever want to know such a thing?"

31 May, 2005 08:57

Blogger Rnutt said...

Just a side note: this is so Jay's post, not Pete's. Pete are you sure you are okay with your name attached to this?

31 May, 2005 22:56

Blogger Pete said...

Just for the record, this is Jay's tip. He obviously hacked in under my name. I don't want to know these kinds of things

31 May, 2005 22:59


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