Treehugging Tip of the Day

It literally takes a thousand times as much energy to manufacture a plastic spoon as it does to wash a real one. Keeping that in mind, and not wanting to be stupidly wasteful Americans, add some cheap real silverware to your desk drawer at work. Wash it with whatever soap your workplace has available and pat yourself on the back for saving the planet. Hint: just because it's disposable doesn't mean it's not reusable - - you can wash plasticware, too.


Heather said…
Great idea!

You know,I recently became aware of the plastic badness on a trip to the grocery store with my cousin. You might think, like I did, that it makes more sense to use the plastic bags than the paper which are quite obviously made out of trees. But no, it takes more trees to make those flimsy plastic grocery bags than it does the paper ones. It's strange to look at something plastic and think "tree", but I trust my treehugging cousin.

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