Repair Tip of the Day

First off, repair shops for lawnmowers are terribly busy around the first cut of the season. I would recommend getting a jump on that and testing your lawnmower a couple of weeks before you feel you'd need to cut the lawn. Otherwise, you may end up sans lawnmower for up to 3 weeks! Then, even if your mower is under warranty, you end up having to pay to have someone else do your grass. Then, if your lawnmower did go in, make sure that even if they tell you there is no gas, but say nothing about the oil, that you check to see that they put your oil back in. could be into another trip to the shop, especially if it is Sears and they didn't put it back in!

By: K-ris


Kris said…
I simply don't recomend purchasing anything mechanical from Sears. Cheaply made products, bad service...I simply don't have room on this blog for all my complaints about Sears.
Amanda said…
Nice use of the word "sans." Interesting to note for the font geeks that sanserif means without serif (the little things that stick out from words, usually on typed stuff - ex. Times New Roman). Also interesting, in Spanish they use the word "sin" (pronounced seen) to mean without as well. Go latin roots! Ok, these were interesting to me, but I don't promise that you will also find them interesting.

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