Shopping Tip of the Day

Going grocery shopping is one of those required chores that isn't exactly fun to do and even worse can take quite a bit of time. Because our lives are so busy you should really try to con a friend or even better a roommate into shopping with you. You can make two copies of you grocery list, then hand one to your friend and keep one for yourself. Then use a divide and conquer approach. "You start on the left, I'll start on the right" when you meet in the middle you should have everything you need. This should shrink your shopping time by 40% and allow you to get back to other, more important things.


JCo said…
I LOVE the link Peter! It's soooooo you!
Stephanie said…
Boy, could I go for a glass of milk and a stack of Oreos right now!

Call me weird, but I actually like grocery shopping. It's one of the few errands that I don't perform at a breakneck pace. But granted, sometimes you're in a hurry. If the items are on list in the basic order of the average Kroger layout, I usually can tear the list in half (no copying of lists necessary) and give one to Christy. You're right, it speeds everything up, and you end up with less unexpected extras in the cart. :-)
Jay said…
Steph, the fact that you enjoy shopping does two things. First, it defines you as a "keeper". Second, it scares me a bit. JK! I think it's great! Actually, I think we need a few things at the house, don't you Pete? If you could pick us up some milk, eggs, OJ and lunchmeat, that'd be awesome. So, we now have our friend Allison to do our ironing (she likes it) and you to do our shopping! SWEET!
Pete said…
If there is any chore that I like because I want to take it easy and chill then that's ironing. (Don't get me wrong, I don't like ironing the way Allison does, but it can be relaxing). But considering I can iron about 3 shirts in the time it takes me to go grocery shopping I kind of have to take it slow.
vander said…
Jay, your attempt to unload basic household tasks on helpful people actually puts you in danger of not being a "keeper". And while you and Pete are at the grocery, could you grab some of those new little dark chocolate m&m's? That'd be great, thanks.
Rachel C. Clay said…
The urban dictionary definitions crack me up!
I must say, Jay and Pete, as someone who has experienced grocery shopping with you it's hilarious. I know that you go in with a list but still you seem to wander around just pulling things off the shelf if it looks good. It's no wonder it takes so long.
Steph, I have to agree that avoiding the "unexpected extras" is definately a plus when grocery shopping. Those always kill me, and half the time I get home and wonder why I even wanted it!

Oh, and another grocery shopping tip: Do NOT shop while hungry. Always a mistake.

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