Recycling Tip of the Day

Boys and girls, let's not make this harder than it is. If your garbage collection service offers recycling, it's easier to recycle than not. Just put an extra trash can next to the most frequently used one in the house (usually the kitchen) and throw it all in - newspapers, junk mail, plastic bottles, cans, pizza boxes. Then, when you take out the garbage (which will be half as often now that you're not throwing away recyclables) empty the recycling into that pretty blue bin. Seriously. In a house with four people, we pitch barely two garbage bags a week but the recycling bin is always full. Everything's cleaner because sharp metal/plastic edges aren't slicing open trash bags from the inside (ew) and we hardly ever have to take out the trash. Plus, we go through half as many garbage bags.

If that's not enough encouragement, picture your offspring living in a shanty on top of a landfill. That oughtta do it.


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