Uplifting Tip O Da Day

If you have ever had just “one of those days.” You know what I am talking about, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just can’t focus, have other things on your mind, wake up as a worrywart, or maybe you are just plain grumpy. Well a sure fire way to turn things around is to round up as many people as you can from your company, department or area and take DQ orders for Blizzards. Preferably mediums Blizzards, because in Winchester everyone seems to have these nifty cards that save $0.50 on a medium blizzard, which would make them about $2. So go out order a few Blizzards, come back and have everyone eat them outside in the sun. Talk about non-work stuff, like the upcoming Star Wars movie and scheme a long movie lunch for next week and before you know it you will be feeling much better! Not only did you get a refreshing break, but you made fun plans for the following week – a win-win situation!


Rachel C. Clay said…
I want to work at your office, Jen! Can you find me a job? :)
JCo said…
Or did Mr. Palmer's birthday cake count as "seminar"?
Kris said…
So funny that this gets posted today. One of the teachers here brought the science department an ice cream cake from DQ for lunch today. It had a smiley face on it!
Stephanie said…
Hmmm, wonder if I could pull the same thing off with Graeters??

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