Shoe Tip of the Day

"Tight" is a word you hope people use when describing you. But it's actually more important that you use this word to describe your shoes while running. I've discovered that making your shoes just a little tighter than usual before running really helps to improve your stamina, endurance, and step control. When your shoes feel like they're a part of your foot, it sort of makes you feel like you're flying! And, you'll smack (warning, this link is rated PG-13, but hilarious) the ground with more gentleness, resulting in less muscle fatigue. Overall, your run will be better physically and psychologically. I have no idea if there is scientific proof to this anomaly, so take it for what it's worth. For worthwhile running tips, check out John's Run Walk Shop.


Stephanie said…
This might be a classic case of simple preference, but when I was purchasing shoes at John's, I was told by the sales associate to not tie my laces tight. They felt incredibly loose (read: funky) at first, but now I prefer them looser..just tight enough to keep the shoes on my feet. *shrugs* To each their own! :-)
Kris said…
Just make sure they're not as tight as Jenn's climbing shoes! Ouch...but thanks for loaning them to us this weekend!
JCo said…
Has everyone's toes straightened back out? :-)

Any sore muscles out there today?
Pete said…
Ya Steph, I think Jay's shoes were Super Loose™, before. Now they're in the middle, nothing near where what I could call tight.

Jen, my toes are feeling great. They were straight all weekend, no crunching all weekend. ;-)

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