Stretching Tip of the Day

If you call yourself a runner, (which I define as anyone who can run a 5k without vomiting on themselves) then this tip is for you. I apologize if some of you already know it! If there's one thing I hate about running, it's stretching (I love this pic, you have to click here). But I've recently discovered that you'll be much less sore during and after your run if you allow your body the luxury of stretching each muscle for 20-seconds. It feels longer than sitting through a Chingy concert at Rupp arena, but it's worth it. You'll find that your muscles will thank you, and you'll be rip-roarin' and ready to run the next day.


Anonymous said…
I'm no runner, but I have read running magazines. Most of them say that you should only stretch after you've warmed up for at least 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, you might tear your groin or something.

Just thought I'd contribute to the fray.

--Andy Didyk
Pete said…
Thanks Andy, last thing I want is a frayed groin.

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