Ripping Tip of the Day

Looking for an easy way to get rid of those pesky tags attached to the back of your shirt? Well, if you don’t have a handy-dandy seam ripper, or simply can’t find yours, a fondue fork will work in a pinch. While the fondue fork lacks the sharp edge between the two prongs, it will still work almost as well. To remove your tag: slid one prong under one of the stitches that holds the tag onto the shirt (it is always helpful to make sure that the tag is stitched onto the shirt using its own seam – otherwise you will be removing the collar of the shirt) and slowly push until the thread snaps. Continue along the line of stitches until tag is removed. If you don’t have a fondue fork on hand, try scissors. Just don’t cut your shirt all to pieces.



Pete said…
Great links Abbi! The only problem is I don't think I have a fondu fork anywhere. I think I'll have to just stick to scissors.
Stephanie said…
This is one of the most innovative tips I've seen yet! Cool deal. I found my seam ripper a few weeks ago after three years of it being MIA. If I'd only known, I could've gone for the kitchen accessories drawer in the meantime. :-)

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