Waiting Tip of the Day?

So I am sure everyone has a story about long waits, surely including long lines and large crowds taking up lots of time. Well, I recently spent a LONG time waiting in a waiting room at the Clark Regional Medical Center (during my workday I might add, which made it so much more frustrating.) My question to all of you is...how on earth do you pass time, or make it feel like you are not wasting your time when you are stuck for what feels like forever in a room with total strangers and can do nothing about it? I want to hear your thoughts.


Stephanie said…
Ooh, ooh. I'm good at this filling time thing. Have a book in your car--namely a tourbook of the next place you'd like to visit. It gives you something to be optimistic about during your wait. ("Yes, I might be sitting here freezing my toes off in a heinous tie-in-the-back hospital gown hearing every "TMI" conversation through these paper-thin walls...." or "I'm staring at the dentist's light anticipating the nearing attack of the dental flossing lady, but hey, I've got Maui to escape to here, thank GOODNESS."). Or you can take in your latest novel or inspirational book.
Pete said…
My personal favorite is playing the iPod Music Quiz, however that is only useful if I'm waiting by myself.

My favorite topic of conversation while in such lines is talking about previous similar experiences. Or geeky stuff about what we are waiting for, this works especially well when its a movie or theme park.
Kris said…
I'm a "random talker", so all those strangers around...I strike up a conversation or two. You never know what kind of interesting people you're going to meet!
Rachel C. Clay said…
I'm so with Steph on the book thing. I have to say that was my immediate reaction. I rarely go anywhere without a book anymore because the moment I do I regret it.
I have to say though I enjoy the iPod music quiz, although I always forget I have it!

Another thing I do to waste time when I have no book or iPod is clean out my purse. It's boring, but necessary and leaves a great feeling of accomplishment.

Oh, and I talk on the phone. A great time to run down the numbers saved in my phone and catch up!
Jules said…
Jen - Let's say you really get caught. You don't have a chance to get that emergency book out of the car, you're in between other errands.. whatever. Lots of times, it doesn't matter if you tried to plan in advance. You're just stuck "wasting time." Here's a nerd answer for ya: go over Bible verses in your head. If you have been trying to memorize a few, test yourself now. You don't have your cards, or Bible for that matter, to cheat with. And you have all the time in the world to sit there and think about how that one started. Was it "I tell you the truth..?" Another nerdy spiritual answer: pray. Pray for the million things that are probably right off the top of head, or - if you really can't think of anything - pray for those people around you. Or pray for me - I need it. :)
JCo said…
Thanks for the input everyone! I now feel well equiped to handle the next wait. :-)
JCo said…
Oops, I mean equipped.

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