Teachers Tip of the Day

Are you plagued by the sweaty pit? Are you afraid to put your arms in the air for fear of odd looks and frightened stares? Well, we may not have a solution to rid you of this nuisance, but this full proof plan will help you avoid the catastophy of having your students stare you down, whisper behind your back, and flat out stop paying attention due to the distraction that these sweaty pits tend to cause.
  1. Acknowledge it...if they know you know about the sweaty pit, just like laughing at your self, it becomes more difficult for them to laugh at you, at least while you're in the room
  2. Use it as a threat..."If you say (do, or whatever), that again, I'll give you the sweaty pit!"
  3. Blame the kids ... tell them they are the ultimate cause of your sweaty pittageness

Inspired by Mr. Reed, Posted in part by Miss Canterbury


Jay said…
Someone needs to make this into a tip for the "kids." When I was in school (OMG, I sound like I'm 72) I had a teacher, Mr. Borelli-Wentzel who ALWAYS perpetually had heinously sweaty pits. What didn't help was his penchant for wearing short sleeve dress shirts and a tie, which only further accentuated this pitted disaster. We would privately mock him, but alas, we were young and foolish. We needed a solid tip to help us not be so rude.
Kris said…
Well, teachers, last day of school! I know some of you elementary gals are out already, as for me, 20 minutes, and I get to go home. Tomorrow we get those kids to graduate, and that's it until August!

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