Bug Tip of the Day

Let's say you have an ant problem and your traps/sprays haven't done the job. Critters are scurrying everywhere and you're slightly horrified at the thought that they might somehow locate your breakfast cereal before you can stop them. You could vacuum them up, but then there would be live ants in the vacuum bag and we can all foresee the potential infestation in that solution. The answer is duct tape. Roll it up, sticky-side out, on your hand and smash away until the ants are gone. Or, if you dislike such violent carnage, just spread some tape out near the source of the problem. Works like flypaper except you don't have to go buy it - assuming you already have duct tape.


JCo said…
This tip further supports that fact that duct tape simply has unlimited uses! Go Vander Molen!
vander said…
Yes, Jen, 'tis a marvel. Works great for cleaning out windowsills and removing spiderwebs from ceilings. Here are a few other uses:

1. You can use duct tape to attach a friend to their chair while you make them listen to Weezer's latest album, "Make Believe", which came out yesterday.

2. You can wrap duct tape around your finger as a personal reminder to go buy Weezer's album when you get off work.

3. You can use duct tape to fashion yourself a pair of faux Rivers Cuomo glasses. Wear them around town, skipping through the streets and screaming, "Track three is totally my favorite! This is the best Weezer album yet!"

4. You can use duct tape to silence co-workers who prattle on about that Bono guy and refuse to admit that Rivers is THE musical genius of our time. Ah, duct tape, how we love thee...
Pete said…
For those of you who want to know what the album sounds like before you follow sub-tip 2, you can listen to the whole album online, but get comfy, cause you can't fast forward or skip tracks.

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