Propaganda Tip of the Day

You are under no obligation to pay attention to pre-movie propaganda. In the good ol' days, theaters would just let a radio play before the movie started. Alas, times have changed. If you want to avoid being a tool, make conscious effort to ignore the commercials. Turn around and face the back of the room, talk loudly until the previews start, or bring your iPod and drown out the marketing din.


Kris said…
A good book works wonders as well.
JCo said…
NASTY back picture - ugh.
Pete said…
Ya, that doesn't even compare to a guy I saw at Typhoon Lagoon one time. It seriously looked like he was wearing a fuzzy sweater.
Jules said…
We're totally doing this when we go to see Star Wars. An excellent chance to put this tip into play.

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