Pedestrian Tip of the Day

I've noticed that some people consider crossing streets against traffic signals a sort of masculine rite of passage. I can't quite figure out why -- you'd think that getting squashed in the middle of Main Street because you're too arrogant to wait your turn would be sort of a lame way to die. Anyway, here's my tip: don't be a moron. When walking anywhere in any city, maintaining the mindset that every driver is out to kill you is the best way to prevent pedestrian tragedy. (Be a man. Obey the traffic signals.)


Kris said…
Oh, and have you noticed those nifty additions to our downtown lights? They now have countdowns to tell you exactly how long you'll be waiting on that street corner!
vander said…
They are indeed nifty additions. I'm a fan.
Rachel C. Clay said…
I too am impressed with the new count down additions to the downtown area! I saw them last summer in DC and they were very helpful! Plus I am impressed that Lexington is so caught up with the times!

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