Microwave Tip of the Day

Evidently, one of two things must be going on here. 1) I may not properly understand the function of a microwave 2) There are actually cups which don't get hot in the microwave.

Today's tip is a word of warning: Things may get hot in the microwave…be careful!


Amanda said…
There are definitely mugs that shouldn't go in the microwave. The first is any mug with a metal trim. Beware! If you decide to use this type of mug, make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy. Second, some things melt in the microwave. Who wants to drink/eat plastic? Third, there really are mugs that get extremely hot in the microwave - more so than normal mugs. It makes is hard to drink or hold. So, if you want to save your hands and mouths from 2nd degree burns, I suggest you read the bottom of your drinking containers.
Stephanie said…
The funny thing about mugs trimmed in metal is that their metal parts are often accented with plastic or rubber (You know, the brushed-aluminum/3-Dimensional logos you can see sometimes). This means the plastic or rubber adjacent to the metal gets truly cooked. Speaking from experience, you can stink up an entire (sizeable) office floor by putting one of these mugs in the microwave.

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