Testing Tip of the Day

Okay, so you remember them right? Every Spring from K-12th grade you and all your fellow classmates had to sit and take state required tests. If you don't, here's a reminder. It is 5 days of multiple choice/open response stuff you think your teacher MAY have talked about once, but has still scared you every day of the year in demanding that you excel at this test that covers everything you learned over the past 3 + years.
Well, I am now that teacher who is hoping somewhere this year I have covered the material that will randomly be selected and written into 35 questions (yes, 35 questions to cover 3 years worth of material--ha what a joke.) So, here are a few tips if you ever find yourself the administrator of one of these (long and boring) testing sessions.
1. Wear comfortable shoes so that you can peruse the room looking for cheaters and go-aheaders (those doing work outside the apropriate test)
2. Wear shoes that don't make noise (I have found that straw-based flipflops DO make noise)
3. Bring a heating pad for your back because it will hurt after standing and walking for a couple hours straight a few days in a row.
4. Have everything you might want or need out on your desk so you do not have to open your highly nosiy desk drawers.
5. Bring candy so that you can at least feel like you are pacifying the pain that your students are going through while taking the test. Plus it's a good bribe.
6. Get lots of sleep so that you are not falling asleep while you stand there doing nothing for a couple hours.
7. Do some type of yoga or other relaxing technique to ease your mind of all bad/negative thoughts because you will have multiple hours of complete silence with nothing to do but walk around and think.
8. Smile a lot and say "Do your best!"


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