Driving Tip of the Day

When borrowing a friend's car, be sure to learn all the ins and outs of it, such as...do you have to lift the handle on the tailgate in order to properly close it. If you don't you could end up losing precious cargo, or worse, causing a major accident on Man-O-War! Of course, if it is a shady truck driver that hits whatever it is you were carrying, and refuses to file a police report, than your only loss is the cargo.

By: K-ris


Jay said…
I would also add that if you ARE carrying precious cargo in a pickup truck, to keep a keen EAR out for possible cargo shifts and crashes to the ground :-)
Stephanie said…
this is a good idea to do with a rented (aka 'hired' car) as well with the owners (aka Avis rent-a-car). is the gas cap unopenable when any of the car doors are locked? how do you put a right-drive, left-shift car in reverse? the manuals don't tell you these things, i've learned. people familiar with Corsas can. and when there is a line at the petrol station along the M4 outside of london, i'm not sure locals appreciate americans asking for help. ;-)
Jules said…
OH! There's our friend Steph posting from across the pond! Sounds like an adventure babe. Hope you're having so much fun. Miss ya!

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