Conception Tip of the Day

Oft times it's quite helpful to know the date of your conception. I highly suggest you figger it out! It's pretty simple, just take your birthday, and add like 3 months to it. Then, ask Mom and Dad if you were early or late and subtract or add time on accordingly. You may ask, "why would I ever want to know such a thing?" but I'd say that it's just nice to know when you were made. For example, I was crafted on Valentine's Day. So, I know that I was made with love :-) Some of you may have been made in the summer, or on the 4th of July. It's just interesting information.


Stephanie said…
Great links. ;-) I think I'm a Thanksgiving baby.
Kris said…
I think I was an April Fool's baby! Or, a few days earlier, and I was a celebration of my mom's birthday...hmmm, I wonder if they even know.
Pete said…
"why would I ever want to know such a thing?"
Rachel C. Clay said…
Just a side note: this is so Jay's post, not Pete's. Pete are you sure you are okay with your name attached to this?
Pete said…
Just for the record, this is Jay's tip. He obviously hacked in under my name. I don't want to know these kinds of things

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