Memory Tip of the Day

For people who lose things (i.e., keys, phone, checkbook, work ID badge, etc.) on a regular basis, there are ways to jog your memory and make sure you have them. The mental checklist is the one you can practice each time you leave one place to go to another (the trick is making it look like you're not being obsessive about it). Go through the list of things that would cause a great deal of stress if you lost them. Purse? Check. OK, in the purse. (This is where it gets tricky, if you're switching out different purses) Wallet? Check. Checkbook? Check. iPod? Check. Cell phone? Check. Are you sure you have your cell phone? Ohhh no.....

In that situation, it's always helpful to have a roommate who doesn't mind calling your cell phone for you if you've lost it...again. At work, it's easy to find your cell phone simply for lack of places for it to hide and the convenience of an available office phone to do the obligatory find-my-cell-phone call. However, not having a landline in your domicile can make the process of finding your phone a two-person endeavor at home.

For keys, always hanging them on the key rack or putting them in the same spot in a dish on a table in the entry way has helped me tremendously. I hear they make clappers for keys too (but instead of clap-on, clap-off, you set of an alarm so you can follow the sound to your keys hiding under a sofa cushion). Work IDs should live in car consoles or near the key rack.


Kris said…
Any suggestions for those of us who lose bigger things like cars? (Usually, that doesn't happen, but gosh, they don't mark a single row at Keenland, and as a result, I spent a good 15 minutes wandering around a field of cars looking for mine last Saturday!)
I was so jealous of people with alarms, automatic starters, etc...their car was a click of a button away.
Anonymous said…
Kris, you can solve that problem by driving a creamsicle-orange, 35-year-old BMW. No problem finding it in most any parking lot. Of course, knowing how to do things like replace alternators and repack wheel bearings is almost a prerequisite of ownership, so this tip isn't for everyone.

-Dave of the Orange Car
Jay said…
Another thing that may come in handy is this nifty contraption from Sharper Image. I've seen this on the plane SO many times and thought how much I need one. Can anyone vouch for their efficacy? Also, WELCOME Dave to the Tip of the Day!
Jay said…
ONE MORE THING! Steph, we miss you! Hope you're having the time of your life!
Stephanie said…
Chances are, I would lose the remote on one of those gadgets, Jay! Doesn't mean I wouldn't try the device if someone wanted to purchase it and use me as the guinea pig to see if it works (a sponsor, if you will). :-) It would be an expensive experiment to run on myself however.

I miss you guys very much! :-) I am off to Dublin in the morning. Hugs to everyone!

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