Sole Tip of the Day

I heartily recommend you buy your next pair of running, jogging, or walking shoes from John's Run Walk Shop in Lexington. You may be able to find better prices elsewhere, but you won't be able to find better help. At John's, they look at your feet, look at your old shoes, and help determine what type of shoe you should be in to improve your run. They're use a barrage of words you've never heard of to describe the way in which your foot strikes the ground. I thought, "sure, they'll sell me the most expensive shoe," but in reality, the first shoe my salesperson showed me was one from their sale rack. The shoes I ended up with, not on sale, only cost about $75--not much more than I'd pay anywhere else. And, I know they'll be great shoes for me--and they have been!


Kris said…
Or, you can see Pete at the New Balance Store of Lexington. They are owned by the same people that own John's, and if they don't have exactly what you need, they'll order it for you. Even from John's.

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